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Teaching is my passion ...

I taught at UC Berkeley Law in 2009 and at UC Hastings College of the Law from 2010-2019 where I was on the full time faculty.  ​I was on the teaching faculty within the UCSF Global Health Sciences Master’s Program for 4 years, often cross-listing courses through UCSF and UC Hastings in order to bring together students with diverse perspectives and training to investigate real world problems.  I have also been an invited lecturer in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and guest speaker for student-led electives at the UCSF Nursing and Medical Schools.  

I have served as a mentor, advisor, and independent study supervisor for countless students at UC Hastings, UC Berkeley, and UCSF.  I support them through their academic years and early career job search, and enjoy hearing updates on their lives and professional journeys years later.  

Law School Courses and Seminars

Reproductive Health: Access, Rights & Justice

Global Health Law & Policy

International & Comparative Health Law

Legal Ethics & the Practice of Law

Professional Responsibility

Legal Writing & Research

Women’s Health & the Law

Reproductive Justice Workshop (Group Individual Study)









UCSF Global Health Sciences Courses

Global Health Law


UCSF Dept. of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Qualitative Research Proposal Preparation Seminar, Sociology


UC Berkeley Sociology

Global Health & Social Justice

Reproduction, Law, & Society



Student Evaluations

“Professor Dunn is one of the best professors I have had at this school. Not only did I enjoy the reading material for this class, I also truly enjoyed the conversations that stemmed off of the reading. In class, we discuss global health laws for multiple countries, and we also were given life advice and career advice. This class encouraged all the students to come prepared and engaged, especially for a Friday class. I would recommend this Professor Dunn and this class to any student on campus.”

“Professor Dunn is the most caring, involved professor I have ever had at UC Hastings. She is clearly an expert on the subject matter but presents it in a way that makes it easy to engage. I really appreciate the hands-on involvement Professor Dunn had with each student -- it is easy to feel lost in the crowd at UC Hastings.”


“Professor Dunn was excellent. She was helpful, approachable, informative, knowledgeable, and kind.  While, simultaneously keeping us on track in completing our research papers. She made completing a writing requirement that I was dreading, my most enjoyable and thought-provoking class of the semester.”


“Professor Dunn is amazing at teaching, explaining, and helping students understand various complex topics. She is always available outside of class and by email. She is a wonderful mentor as well.”

Student and Course Evaluations available by request

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